Study program for the third generation (started in 2021)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-10 9-10: Bielefeld-Seoul Online Seminar 8:30-10: Analysis of differential and integro-differential equations (I)**
10-12 Geometric Analysis (III)
(Announcement page)
Random Matrices (II)
(Announcement page)
Heat semigroups and Dirichlet forms on manifolds and metric spaces (III)
14-16 Numeric analysis (I)
(Announcement page)
Stochastic Analysis (II/III)
(Announcement page)
Cluster Group
Interacting Particle Systems
Analysis (I)
16-18 Korean language course* IRTG Colloquium
Topics Lecture
IRTG Colloquium
Topics Seminar
Cluster Groups
* The course will start with an intensive block in the first week of the semester October 11-15 every day 12:00 - 16:00.

** Starting from December 2, the course will take place on Thursdays at 8:30 am. Before, there are several single dates which you can find here:

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