PhD theses of IRTG doctoral students



  • Changhun Yang:
    On the small data scattering problem for the fractional Schrödinger equation with cubic Hatree-type nonlinearity
  • Seunghyun Kang:
    Uniqueness problems of diffusion operators on Euclidean space and on abstract Wiener space
  • Jeongho Kim:
    On the fluid coupling and hydrodynamic limit of the kinetic thermomechanical Cucker-Smale equation
  • Jinwook Jung:
    On the quantitative analysis for the random Cucker-Smale model
  • Minhyun Kim:
    Regularity theory for nonlocal operators
  • Jaehun Lee:
    Heat kernel estimates for jump processes with application
  • Sungsoo Byun:
    Conformal field theory and Schramm Loewner evolution in a doubly connected domain

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