International Research Training Group 2235

Searching for the regular in the irregular:
Analysis of singular and random systems

The IRTG 2235 is a joint research program established by the Faculty of Mathematics at Bielefeld University, Germany, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Seoul National University, South Korea. In a truly international and competitive environment, doctoral students study singular and random systems.


  • The new structure of the IRTG for the upcoming second funding period is described here.
  • The IRTG is about to fill several PhD positions at Bielefeld University.
  • The DFG has granted the renewal of the IRTG and hence, the IRTG will be funded for a second period from 2021 until 2025 (Press release). We are very much looking forward to continue the project with our partners from Seoul and to welcome new generations of doctoral students in Bielefeld.
  • The IRTG Summer School is planned to take place in spring 2021. Concrete dates will be announced as soon as available.

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