Annual joint IRTG Workshop

Each year in February or March an IRTG workshop takes place either in Seoul or Bielefeld. The aim of these workshops is to further establish the existing research cooperations and to intensify the scientific exchange, in particular, between young researchers. The dates of these workshops are chosen in accordance with the exchange stays of the doctoral students.

Upcoming Workshop

The Ninth Bielefeld-SNU Joint Workshop will take place May 18-20, 2022, as online video conference.

Past Workshops

Summer Schools and Winter Schools

Previous Summer Schools

IRTG Retreat

At the end of the first and the fifth semester the doctoral students are invited to attend the IRTG retreat. The program of this event consists of several parts. On the one hand, one scientific block course addresses all doctoral students. Moreover, the more advanced students and the postdoctoral researchers report on the progress of their research projects. On the other hand, during the retreat we offer two block courses, one for first year doctoral students and one for the third year doctoral students. The first block course is about publications and good scientific practice. The second block course addresses career paths in academia and industry. Issues discussed here include third party funding opportunities, possible internships, math oriented jobs in industry, letters of application and job interviews.

Retreat 2021

The retreat took place October 24 - 27, 2021, in Ilsenburg (Harz mountains).

Retreat 2019

The second IRTG retreat took place in February 2019 on the island of Norderney. It was the first retreat in which two generations of doctoral students jointly took part. Also several exchange students from SNU joined the event. Stefan Neukamm from Dresden gave a lecture series about “Stochastic Homogenization”. Moreover, the young researchers took part in a 1-day training “Making an impact: Communicating, networking, and presenting” by Vera Leberecht and the second generation got a short overview about the publishing process and good scientific practice. The program also included several presentations by the doctoral students about their research projects as well as social evenings and a hike along the beach.

Retreat 2017

In February 2017 we went to our first retreat. We spent two days in Paderborn and enjoyed a varied program. Besides a lecture series by Armin Schikorra about “Harmonic Maps”, short presentations of various topics, including information about the qualification program of the IRTG, the life in Seoul, publications, were held. Some of our doctoral students gave talks about their current research. In addition, we explored the smallest river of Germany, made some bowling experiences, and fought for the retreat award.

Opening Ceremony

On October 7, 2016, the IRTG was officially opened with an opening ceremony at Bielefeld University. After addresses by Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf (Vice-Rector for Research Bielefeld University), Kyoungae Mun (Director Korean Education Center in Germany), Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences) and Panki Kim (Spokesperson IRTG in Seoul), the Bielefeld spokesperson Moritz Kassmann talked about the doctoral education in East-Westphalia and East-Asia. The Spokesperson of the former IRTG 1132, Michael Röckner, reported on the 9 years of doctoral education within the former IRTG. A mathematical talk was given by the Mercator Fellow of the IRTG, Takashi Kumagai from Japan. The event was musically accompanied by the cellist Yoonha Choi from South Korea.


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