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Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 Friday 24 Saturday 25
8.30 - 9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 M. Kang G. Trutnau S.-S. Byun T. Fattler
9.45-10.25 M. Röckner M. Grothaus M. Bulíček L. Viitasaari
10.30-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-11.25 A. Schikorra Z. Vondraček J. Frehse M. Hinz
11.30-12.10 M. Keller K.-Y. Kim L. Diening M. Kassmann
12.15-14.00 Lunch 12.15-12.30 The IRTG
14.00-14.40 F. Münch 13.30-14.10 E. Maringová K.-A. Lee
14.45-15.25 D. Dier Excursion H. Dong
15.30-16.00 Coffee break Coffee break
16.00-16.40 E. Wiedemann

All talks will be held in V2-210/216.



Miroslav Bulíček (Prague)
On nonlinear elliptic equations beyond the natural duality pairing

Sun-Sig Byun (Seoul)
Recent regularity results of solutions to nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations with nonstandard growth

Lars Diening (Osnabrück)
Linearization of the p-Poisson equation

Dominik Dier (Ulm)
Discrete versions of the Li-Yau gradient estimate

Hongjie Dong (Brown)
Schauder and Dini type estimates for nonlocal fully nonlinear equations

Torben Fattler (Kaiserslautern)
Analysis of the stochastic quantization for a fractional polymer measure

Jens Frehse (Bonn)
Bellman equations with mean-field dependence

Martin Grothaus (Kaiserslautern)
Weak Poincaré inequalities for convergence rate of degenerate diffusion processes

Michael Hinz (Bielefeld)
Essential self-adjointness of Laplacians and two-parameter processes

Myungjoo Kang (Seoul)
Image processing, Deep Learning and their applications

Moritz Kassmann (Bielefeld)
Nonlocal quadratic forms and kinetic equations

Matthias Keller (Potsdam)
Optimal Hardy inequalities on graphs

Kyung-Youn Kim (Bielefeld)
Heat kernel estimates for symmetric Markov processes in $C^{1,\eta}$ open sets

Ki-Ahm Lee (Seoul)
Global solution in Curvature Flows

Erika Maringová (Prague)
Globally Lipschitz minimizers for variational problems with linear growth

Florentin Münch (Potsdam)
Rigidity properties of the hypercube via Bakry Emery curvature

Michael Röckner (Bielefeld)
Backward uniqueness for a class of SPDE

Armin Schikorra (Freiburg)
Free boundary problems for conformally invariant variational functions

Gerald Trutnau (Seoul)
Conservativeness criteria for generalized Dirichlet forms

Lauri Viitasaari (Aalto)
Generalised Skorokhod integrals and indefinite Wiener integrals with applications to backward stochastic differential equations

Zoran Vondraček (Zagreb)
Potential theory of subordinate killed Brownian motion

Emil Wiedemann (Hannover)
Weak-Strong Uniqueness in Fluid Dynamics


All abstracts can be found here (pdf-file).


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