Dr. Peter Kuchling

Postdoc in the working group of Prof. Dr. Barbara Gentz

Organizer of the BGTS doctoral day 2018
Speaker of the Commission for tutorials


Office: V5-112
Phone: +49-(0)521-106-4766
E-mail: pkuchlin(at)math.uni-bielefeld.de
P.O. Box: #173 in V3-128

Research Interests

Functional Analysis
Dynamical systems in heterogeneous and random media
Interacting particle systems, especially dynamics on the cone of nonnegative discrete measures and continuous branching processes
Fractional calculus


Seung-Yeal Ha, Jinwook Jung, Peter Kuchling: Emergence of anomalous flocking in the fractional Cucker-Smale model, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-A, Volume 39, Number 9, September 2019 Link

Seung-Yeal Ha, Jeongho Kim, Peter Kuchling, Oleksandr Kutoviy: Infinite particle systems with collective behaviour and related mesoscopic equations, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Volume 60, Issue 12 Link

PhD Thesis

Brückenkurs Mathematik NaWiOS, Wintersemester 2019/20

Vorlesung: Donnerstag, 12-14, X-E0-204
Zusatztermin: Dienstag, 12:30-14 C01-264
Webseite NaWiOS



Tutorial "Operator Theory", winter term 2018/19

Mondays, 16-18, T2-226 (T2-228 on Novermber 19th, 2018)
Link to course website

Solutions to exercises

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