Guest scientists in Bielefeld

Guest scientists visiting the IRTG in Bielefeld for research and teaching. Titles of talks given by the guest scientists are listed as well.


Markus Kunze (Köln), July 28, 2017
Almost surely recurrent motions in the Euclidean space

Russell Schwab (Michigan State), July 17 – 28, 2017
A min-max formula for Lipschitz operators that satisfy the global comparison principle and some applications

Bartlomiej Dyda (Wroclaw University), July 17 – August 12, 2017 On Function Spaces and Extensin Results for Nonlocal Dirichlet Problems

Jurij Kozicki (Lublin), July 16 – August 31, 2017
Topics Lecture “Dynamics of interacting systems”

Joe P. Chen (Colgate Univ), July 8 – August 14, 2017
Scientific block course “Scaling limits of particle systems on nonsmooth spaces”

Matthias Erbar (Bonn), July 7, 2017
A gradient flow approach to the Boltzmann equation

Antonia Passarelli di Napoli (Napoli), June 26 – 30, 2017
Regularity results for minimizers of a class of degenerate functionals with discontinuous coeffcients

Martina Hofmanová (Berlin), June 22 – 26, 2017
Stochastic mean curvature flow

Dorothee Knees (Kassel), June 16, 2017
Discussion of different notions of solutions and time-discretization schemes for rate-independent damage

Peter Takáč (Rostock), June 9, 2017
Convergence to travelling waves in Fisher's population genetics model with degenerate diffusion and a non-Lipschitzian reaction term

Rico Zacher (Ulm), June 6 – 9, 2017
Long-time behaviour of solutions to time-fractional diffusion equations

Bogdan Matioc (Düsseldorf), June 2, 2017
Mathematical aspects of fluid flows in porous media

Alexander Teplyaev (Univ. of Connecticut), June 1, 2017
Average power dissipation in AC fractal networks

Uta Freiberg (Stuttgart), May 10 – 12, 2017
Differential operators and generalized trigonometric functions on fractal subsets of the real line

Angkana Rüland (Oxford), May 9 – 12, 2017
Regularity for the thin obstacle problem – Rough variable coefficients and higher regularity

Tuan Anh Nguyen (Berlin), May 5, 2017
A Liouville principle for the random conductance model

Tobias Weich (Paderborn), April 28, 2017
Pollicott-Ruelle resonances

Xiaochuan Tian (Columbia), April 18 – 20, 2017
Trace theorems for some nonlocal function spaces with heterogeneous localization

Grzegorz Karch (Wroclaw), March 13 – 18, 2017

Milosz Krupski (Wroclaw), March 13 – 18, 2017

Armin Schikorra (Freiburg), February 14 – 23, 2017
Scientific block course “Harmonic Maps into Manifolds: Local, Nonlocal, and Applications”

Jürgen Saal (Düsseldorf), February 6, 2017
Regularity of fluid flow in non-smooth regions

Emil Wiedemann (Hannover), January 9, 2017
Regularity and Energy Conservation for the Euler Equations

Andrey Pyatnitskiy (Narvik), January 5 – February 4, 2017
Scientific block course “Homogenization”


Alexei Daletskii (York), December 4 – 23, 2016
Interacting vector fields on unbound degree graphs

Peter Kern (Düsseldorf), December 15, 2016
Stochastic models for coupled fractional diffusion equations

Gregory Schehr (Paris), December 7, 2016
Extreme statistics of trapped fermions and random matrix theory

Nicola Visciglia (Pisa), December 5, 2016
On large time dynamics for sNLS and HW

Tadahiro Oh (Edinburgh), December 1, 2016
Invariant and quasi-invariant measures for Hamiltonian PDEs

Giovanni Cicuta (Parma), November 16, 2016
Random Antagonistic Matrices

Reinhard Racke (Konstanz), November 14, 2016
The Cauchy problem for thermoelastic plate equations

Diogo Oliveira e Silva (Bonn), November 7, 2016
Sharp Strichartz inequalities for higher order Schrödinger equations

Panki Kim (Seoul), October 6 – 14, 2016

Takashi Kumagai (Kyoto), October 4 – 12, 2016

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