Marvin Weidner

Doctoral Student of Prof. Moritz Kaßmann


Office: V4-221
PO Box: #172 (Room V3-128)

Research Interests

Partial Differential Equations, Nonlocal Operators, Regularity Theory and Jump Processes


  • Contributed talk: Regularity of parabolic nonlocal operators (Oberwolfach - Heat Kernels, Stochastic Processes and Functional Inequalities, Nov 2019)
  • Contributed talk: Hölder estimates for parabolic nonlocal operators (Bielefeld - Eighth Bielefeld-SNU joint Workshop in Mathematics, Feb 2020)
  • Talk: Harnack inequalities for nonsymmetric nonlocal operators in divergence form (KIAS Seoul - Analysis, PDE & Probability Seminar, May 2021)


  • J. Chaker, M. Kassmann, M. Weidner. Robust Hölder Estimates for Parabolic Nonlocal Operators. arXiv:1912.09919
  • J. Chaker, M. Kim, M. Weidner. The concentration-compactness principle for the nonlocal anisotropic p-Laplacian of mixed order. arXiv:2105.13612

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