Adam Mielke

Researcher in Prof. Dr. Gernot Akemann's group.


Office: E5-136
Phone: +49-(0)521-106-6195

Research Interests

Random matrix theory with a focus on applications in statistical mechanics and physical systems such as QCD Dirac-spectrum, time series, and topological insulators.


PhD-thesis: “On the Role of Zero Modes and Spacing Distributions in Random Matrix Theory and its Applications”
Available at

“Territorial behaviour of buzzards versus random matrix spacing distributions”
G. Akemann, M. Baake, N. Chakarov, O. Krüger, A. Mielke, M. Ottensmann, R. Werdehausen - arXiv:2003.09204

“Universal distributions from non-Hermitian Perturbation of Zero-Modes”
M. Kieburg, A. Mielke, M. Rud, K. Splittorff - arXiv:1911.11492

“Universal Signature from Integrability to Chaos in Open Quantum Systems”
Gernot Akemann, Mario Kieburg, Adam Mielke, Tomaz Prosen - arXiv:1910.03520

“Universal Broadening of Zero Modes: A General Framework and Identification”
M. Kieburg, A. Mielke, K. Splittorff - arXiv:1902.01733

“Preserving Topology while Breaking Chirality: From Chiral Orthogonal to Anti-symmetric Hermitian Ensemble”
Gernot Akemann, Mario Kieburg, Adam Mielke, Pedro Vidal - arXiv:1806.10977

“Universal Distribution of Would-be Topological Zero Modes in Coupled Chiral Systems”
Adam Mielke, K. Splittorff - arXiv:1609.04252

Courses Held

“Everything You Wanted to Know About Physics (But Were Afraid to Ask)“
A scientific block course explaining the basics of physics for mathematician. Lecture notes.

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