Chengcheng Ling

Doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Röckner


Office: V4-138
Phone: +49-(0)521-106-4759

Research Interests

Stochastic analysis, Nonlocal operators, Stochastic differential equations with singular coefficients, Regularization by noise


1. Nonlocal elliptic equation in H\“older space and the martingale problem, C. Ling, G. Zhao. (

2. SDEs with singular drifts and multiplicative noise on general space-time domains, C. Ling, M. Röckner, X. Zhu (

3. Strong well-posedness for stochastic differential equations with coefficients in mixed-norm spaces, C. Ling, L. Xie (

4. Regularity of Local times associated to Volterra-L\'evy processes and path-wise regularization of stochastic differential equations, F.A. Harang, C. Ling (

Phd Thesis

Stochastic Differential Equations with Singular Drifts and Multiplicative Noise (2019)



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