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Showing 9 Events within the next 61 days (until Thursday, 21 September 2017)
July 2017
Mon 24 Jul 10:15Mon 24 Jul 12:00D5-153Random Matrix Theory (C)Topics Lecture
Mon 24 Jul 14:15Mon 24 Jul 15:00D5-153Exercises to RMT (C)Topics Lecture
Tue 25 Jul 10:15Tue 25 Jul 11:45V4-119Topics Seminar D: Geometric Analysis (D)Igor Verbitsky (U Missouri): Pointwise estimates of solutions to nonlinear equations with nonlocal operators
Tue 25 Jul 14:15Tue 25 Jul 16:00D5-153Heat semigroups and Dirichlet forms on manifolds and metric spaces (D)Introductory Lecture
Wed 26 Jul 14:15Wed 26 Jul 16:00V3-201Topics Seminar: Stochastic Analysis (B/D)tba
Wed 26 Jul 16:15Wed 26 Jul 18:00V3-201Topics Seminar: Random Matrices (C)tba
Thu 27 Jul 10:15Thu 27 Jul 12:00D5-153Analysis of differential and integro-differential equations (A)Topics Lecture
Fri 28 JulSummer term 2017Final day of lectures
Fri 28 Jul 14:15Fri 28 Jul 16:00U5-133Topics Seminar: Analysis (A)Markus Kunze (Köln): Almost surely recurrent motions in the Euclidean space

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